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Amarna Computer Tchad
Amarna Computer Tchad est un centre d'informatique qui cherche à vulgarisé les outils TIC en se siècle dis numérique.
AMAT Solutions
(Amis Multi Art and Technology) "AMAT" is into paper recycling (Appropriate Paper-based and Technology, Creative Arts etc..
Amidama & family
Honey, baobab oil, baobab powder, baobab soap, chill, natural, beans, natural oil, ,Baobab, moringa oleyfera powder, hibiscus rossel subdarifa,
Amineru Nigeria Enterprises Ltd (AmineruFoods)
Agro Allied processing and packaging
Amitabel services ltd
I'm an agropreneur
Amoa fish farm is an aquaculture farm in Kogi State
AMOA FISH VENTURE is an agricultural farm in okene kogi state. We are into production, processing and marketing of fish and fish products We also engage in leather work eg making of school bags lunch box travelling bag ladies bag mama's bag laptop bag. Which supply in wholesale and retail with customised design if required
Ample Foods
Ample Foods, is a lifestyle healthy food preferred hub for procurement of locally grown, rich and quality staple foods supply of all things natural, nutritious processed dry flour, powder, herbs & spices. We specialise in compounding and blending herbs and spices to meet individual dietary and health needs. We recycle biodegradable waste into edibles like activated charcoal with coconut shells and eggshells into calcium alternative; thereby reducing waste footprint in our society. Our products are :- 1. Cayenne mix spice 2. Tumericplus ( a spice combination of cinnamon, turmeric, ginger & black pepper) 3. Tamarind seed powder (caffeine free coffee) 4. Tamarind fruit & seed powder 5. Tamarind caffeine free teas - Classic ( tamarind only ) Tamarind & Ginger Tamarind, mint & lemon grass 7. Kuka 4 in 1 pack soup ( contains spices, catfish and crayfish powder. All individually packed ) 8. Baobab fruit powder 9. Tigernuts mix powder(Kunu Aya ) 10. Dates powder 11. Eggshell powder - (our... More
Anakohoa farmers & skilling association
Agricultural,live stock poultry,fish farming,crafts
Andetotal Global services
Furniture manufacturer
Our organization focus on several pillars. Agriculture, education, advocating, health and safety hygiene sanitation and many more.
Anis Farms
We sell farm products. Organic foods, both fresh and dried. We ship worldwide.
Annelle Sprint Ventures
Producers of hair and body products, detergents. Food processing and production Beady accessories Fashion designer.
Annelle Sprint Ventures
We offer the best skincare products and detergents, beady accessories, also into food production.
Annie’s Handcrafted Sausages
Cottage industry maker of gourmet quality no additives Sausages and related products
Anowa Medicine Store
I sale medicines and provides health services.