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Baobab soap
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Translation of all categories of texts (Swahili/English, Kinyarwanda, French)
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These products are from the city of Makeni in Northern Sierra Leone. This is the home of tie dyeing industry. 
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you can follow us on Instagram or Facebook @ hakamacompanylimited wassup on +233206644249 for all your enquires and supplies
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First class envelope and Letterhead to match with security centered watermark invest style, professionalism and state of the art production,It is second to none in quality,extensive, flexible and efficient.
Our coconut cinnamon balls are the tastiest guilt free snacks you will  encounter on this side of the Atlantic. Each ball is rolled in herbs and  spices, and baked on low heat to retain the rich nutty milkiness of the  coconut. Our coconut energy balls are known for their unique ability to...
Made from the nut of the African Shea Tree,  Nigeria Shea Butter is a rich Butter that has been clinically proven to provide many benefits. Uses includes: Daily skin moisturizer (face and body); Skin rash- including diaper rash Skin peeling; after tanning Itching skin due to dryness;...
Egusi, also known as Melon seed is widely used in the preparation of a number of african food dishes, including egusi soup, egusi pepper soup, okra and egusi vegetable soup, egusi fried vegetable. A very rich, but expensive vegetable oil is also produced from this seed. In west africa, a region...
Ground Ogbono (Bush Mango seed)
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Garri is highly rich in starch and fibre content. It is also noticed to contain some amount of proteins and some essential vitamins. The fibre content of garri makes one to feel full when it is being consumed, and it is very helpful in preventing ailments such as constipation and bowel diseases.
Brand:Maize/Corn Storage Condition:Dry Color:Yellow Speciality:Organic Usage/Application:Food, Cuisine, Processing and Animal Feed Production Our Premium collection of organic Yellow Maize is popularly known in the global market as one of the best for processing of Animal Feed. We procure...
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