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African Cocoa Platform- Ghana
Platform for cocoa value chain actors in West and Central Africa in learning and sharing experiences and practice. Development of processing associations in cocoa to become competitive export quality cocoa products to Africa countries.
African Culture
Hand beg, Clothes,Shoes
African Heritage Clothing
AHC is a garment manufacturing firm focusing on the production of uniforms and PPEs. Our product range includes: hospitality uniforms, protective wear, healthcare (scrubs, labcoats, nurses uniforms, nose masks, doctors coats), workwear, corporate wear, promotional wear, security uniforms, school uniforms)
African Renaissance in the Making (ARITMA)
We work to invest in People and empower young men and women to use their environment to make a living for themselves and their families. We promote social investment for economic growth.
I want to sell green products
Afriset Financegroup
Finance service:micro facility for smallholders businesses, Administrative business support services, travels and tours, empowerment etc
Agatako ltd
Hand cfrafts
We are a legal institution committed to providing prompt legal services to all businesses to help put legal structures in place.
Agenda 2063 Academy
The Agenda 2063 Academy is a non-profit organisation that seeks to engage African civil society, and in particular, the citizens of African countries, to be the main drivers and stakeholders of the implementation of Agenda 2063. Core Areas of Focus 1. Education: We seek to be an online learning resource for Agenda 2063, creating accessible educational materials on its Aspirations, Goals and Flagship Projects. The core aim is to develop the Pan-African integration and agency of Africans everywhere. 2. Advocacy: We seek to be the leading advocate on all matters pertaining to Agenda 2063. We update African citizens on its continental progress, whilst spotlight the great work done by the 'implementers' across the continent. 3. Upskilling and linking: We seek to 'equip the implementers' that will make Agenda 2063 achievable, through training programs, assessments of workplace readiness, developing networks and financing solutions.
Dealers of all kinds of men materials like Shadda, Getzner, Voila and others. Also into service provision such as data collection and entry, translation and transcription, program and project management, outsourcing and resourcing.
AGRI Business Link
We are agribusiness consultant ,coconut oil project developers.linking local farmers to buyers and research and representation of foreign dispute advisor.
AgriBiz Home
Banana Fruit Juices and Banana Cakes
Agricultural products and mineral resources
Daily fooditems shopping Supply of farm produce and package food items.