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2 pcs Female long straight dress, it come in different colors and size
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We have different types of Ethiopian cultural dress and scarfs.
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Ladies Clutch Bag
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Traditioinal Swazi Necklaces with geometric patterns 
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Ladies necklace with tight fit around neck. Made with multicolored glass beads in Siswati Beading technique.
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This range  is called the #Libhibha_ByAbiba Libhibha (singular) is an original Swati creation handmade and designed by Patricia Abiba Mamba in the Kingdom of Eswatini. The range was started in the year 2020 and Represents the present and reflects a new experimental move in blending...
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Branded leather belt created with your uniqueness in mind.
This Suede chelsea boot shoe is made of quality leather for your comfort and style.
Black PU Leather, Glass Top Watch Display Storage Box Solid wood construction, Lock and key for added security; Approximate Individual compartments: 3.25"(D) x 1.75"(W) x 1.375"(H) Approximate Watch Display Case Dimensions:4.25"(D) x 12.75"(W) x 3.25"(H) , Watch not included.
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Handcrafted leather footwear suitable for your casual wear