Smoked/oven dried catfish-Assorted

10 days


  1. Gut free
  2. No additives
  3. No sand particles
  4. Healthy mature catfish
  5. Well salted
5 item(s)


Smoked/oven dried catfish-Assorted. Assorted means that a pack is made up of the head, body and tail of a full mature adult catfish.

Our smoked catfish is FREE FROM GUT!!!  By gut, we mean that the intestines (those black things you find in other dried fish) are properly removed before drying the fish in the oven because failure to do so will make the fish go bad or grow mould easily. 

Removal of the Gut helps to increase the shelf life. Again, store in a cool and dry place to achieve the 6 month shelf life.

It is free from PAH, substance that can be seen as toxins as our catfish are oven dried.

No sand particle are deposited on the dried fish as the fish are dried in an oven and in a clean environment.

Only healthy, mature and fish fit for consumption are processed.

At myvetshopng, after drying our catfish, staff are assigned to package the fish properly and reduce contact with multiple hands touching the fish as seen in the open market.


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