RightSilicon Organic Sesame Seed 2kg

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RightSilicon Organic Sesame Seed 2kg.  Product Type:  Whole, Organic Quantity:  2 Kilogram Origin:  NIGERIA Flavor:  Typical, nut-like...
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RightSilicon Organic Sesame Seed 2kg. 

  • Product Type: Whole, Organic
  • Quantity: 2 Kilogram
  • Origin: NIGERIA
  • Flavor: Typical, nut-like
  • Aroma: Mild, characteristic
  • Culinary Applications: Baked goods, Asian cuisines, and oils
  • History: Sesame seeds were possibly one of the first condiments, and one of the first plants used for their oil. 
  • Farming and Harvesting: The sesame plant produces these seeds, which fall off upon maturity. To harvest, the whole plant is cut just a few inches above the ground and hung upside down in a bag. The sesame plant-filled bag is suspended for up to 3 weeks, until all of the seeds have fallen. The plant is removed and the seeds sifted and stored.
  • Ingredients: Organic sesame seed hulled, Sesamum indicum