Abula Ball Game Bat Wooden Blue

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Abula Ball Game Bat Wooden Blue


  • The bat is held by the handles.
  • Use only the face of the bat to contact the ball.


  • Touching the ball in succession by a player is a fault.
  • Only the face of the bat should be used to contact the ball.
  • You can use one of the two hands to hold the bat which has three handles in one.
  • The two hands are also allowed to hold the bat.
  • Bats of two players of the same team must not hit each other while attempting to play when the ball is in play.


(i) It is very interesting.

(ii) It is cheap to establish.

(iii) It is simple to understand and master.

(iv) It is very recreative and competitive.

(v) It is for both sex 1.e. for male and female to play together shoulder to shoulder in the same court promoting the spirit of BEIJING 1995.

(vi) It is very popular among school children.

(vii) It is a very safe sport in comparison with some other gruesome sports.

(viii) It economizes space especially in cities where land is a scarce resource.

(ix) It has interesting varieties such as Abula Family Game (AFAGA) and Fitness Abula which are very good for recreational purposes.

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